Working Together

MeeMee Design is headed up by the lovely and talented Mim, whose gift of beauty translates into unique and feminine graphic designs. With over 10 years of experience in graphic arts, printing, finishes and packaging, Mim brings savvy experience and professional knowledge to the table when working with her clients. 

Located in beautiful Sydney, Australia, Mim has a unique, creative, stylish, and fresh approach to design. Through the imaginative use of colour, vision, and her unique flair, Mim will customise a design that caters to the type of woman you want to reach, sophisticated, smart, elegant and polished. 

Marketing strategies toward women must not only appeal to their desire for glamour, style, and beauty, but also to their intelligence. The modern female is both chic and smart, and a successful campaign must incorporate elements that appeal to the entire lady. If you're looking for expertise in marketing to women, Mim is the go-to person for gorgeous designs and practical know-how.